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Active Cleanser

NT $1800| 4 OZ. (120mL)

主要成分: 杏仁酸,十八碳烯二酸,甘醇酸,乳酸,水解大豆蛋白,維他命B5,酵母葡聚醣,甘草酸鉀,舒替蘭酶



適用膚質: 油性 /混合性 /粉刺痘痘膚質

卸妝、潔面 二合一

質地清盈膠狀的淨顏深層潔面露,含有AHA果酸、維他命 B5及大豆蛋白成分,能深入清潔毛孔,徹底去除臉部彩妝及污垢,使粉刺及青春痘得到有效的改善,使用後清爽不緊繃,使肌膚光滑細緻,乾淨無暇,特別適合一般及油性肌膚。


  • 深層清潔、卸妝,去除污垢
  • 溫和去除表皮層老舊角質細胞
  • 去除多餘油脂,減低痤瘡及青春痘形成 
  • 不刺激皮膚,有效平衡皮膚 PH 酸鹼值


5% 杏仁酸

代謝老廢角質 | 淡化色素沈積 | 抗菌與抑制發炎

4% 十八碳烯二酸

美白成分 | 阻斷酪胺酸酵素(tyrosinase) 形成 | 降低黑色素生成

3% 甘醇酸 (甘蔗酸)

加速老廢角質脫落 | 改善表皮粗糙 | 改善膚色暗沉

2% 乳酸

收斂劑 | 淡化斑點 | 促進細胞再生

2% 水解大豆蛋白

濕潤劑 | 抗靜電劑 | 改善皮膚粗糙度

1% 維他命原B5

改善乾燥緊繃 | 活化皮膚基質 | 提昇皮膚表層保濕度
水, 杏仁酸, 十八碳烯二酸, 甘醇酸, 乳酸, 水解大豆蛋白, 氯化鈣, 維他命原B5, 月桂醯谷氨酸鈉, 黃原膠, 酵母葡聚糖, 乙酸鈉, 甘草酸鉀, 舒替蘭酶, 聚季銨鹽-51, PEG-7 椰酸甘油

*產品成分或許可能會酌情更改。 有關最完整和最新的信息,請參閱產品包裝。


卸妝 – 取適量塗抹於乾燥的臉部(額頭、鼻子、兩頰、下巴處),用指腹以畫圈動作,由下而上的方向輕輕按摩全臉以溶解彩妝及污垢,之後用面紙輕輕擦拭即可。

潔面 – 請先將臉部稍微沾濕,擠壓少量的深層潔面露在手掌心,混合少量水,溫和清洗臉部及頸部,不要搓揉,徹底清潔後,使用水沖洗乾淨即可。


Cleansers Part 1: How They Are Made

We all know how important it is to wash our faces on a daily basis. Whether you wear makeup or not, dirt and oil still build-up on your face throughout the day. Being sure to wash this away before letting your head hit the pillow at night can save your skin from many problematic issues.

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Cleansers Part 2: Short and Long Term Effects of Over-Washing Your Face

Our facial cleansers are usually in direct contact with the skin anywhere from ten to sixty seconds. It could be more if the specific cleanser you are using directs you to let the product sit on the skin for a longer period of time. During the time that the cleanser is on the skin, it is the top layer of the skin that is most affected.

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MDSUN Active Cleanser Review by FutureDerm

MDSUN has been one of my favorite brands for a long time. Like a more luxurious (and, quite frankly, concentrated ingredient-packed) Skinceuticals, MDSUN is pretty amazing and a go-to whenever I’m looking for new products. With that said, you can imagine my excitement when I recently found MDSUN Active Cleanser. This cleanser is a lightweight gel containing a high concentration of AHAs, including mandelic, glycolic, and lactic acids; Vitamin B5; hydrolyzed soy protein; whitening/brightening agents, including octadecenedoic acid; and soothing beta-glucan. A lightweight gel, if you apply it for at least a minute before rinsing, it deep cleanses, removes dead skin cells, tightens pores, and minimizes breakouts. It leaves skin renewed, energized, and hydrated. 

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Active Cleanser
共有 9 則評價

Based on 9 reviews
  1. Amazon User – G5Fam

    Effective, Reliable Ingredients
    December 28, 2018
    Verified Purchase

    I have so much respect for MDSUN’s approach because they think about what ingredients will truly be effective within their products. Many products on the market focus primarily on what will “feel” effective for the consumer (i.e. silky, smooth, lathering, etc.) but they leave out the powerful ingredients that are a true investment for our skin’s future.

    The Active Cleanser includes some of the most tried-and-true ingredients such as glycolic, mandelic, and lactic acids, chemical exfoliants which help to smooth the skin over time and increase the skin’s hydration. Vitamin B5 also helps to protect and hydrate the skin. I also like that the cleanser can be used as a make up remover if applied to the face without water.

    In summary: I’m definitely a fan of this cleanser and of the brand as a whole. Great ingredients for a great price and I look forward to trying more of MDSUN’s products!

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  2. Amazon User – THOMAS NEILAN

    Great cleanser for mature acne prone skin
    October 8, 2018
    Verified Purchase

    I received the MDSUN Active Cleanser promptly. This cleanser is great for acne prone mature skin. This is my second time ordering it and I’m pleased with the results.

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  3. Amazon User – Brittni Popp

    Love love love!!
    January 7, 2019

    I’ve been using MDSUN active cleanser for about two months now and have fallen completely in LOVEEE with it. I highly recommend for any skin type.

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  4. Zhiyun C.

    Best Cleanser Ever!
    I have been using MDSUN both Active and Revitalizing Cleanser for 5 years now. I love this product so much!
    This excellent cleanser is great for taking off makeup and dirt without any irritation or dry my skin out. (I have combination skin)
    I use revitalizing cleanser in the morning and active cleanser at night.
    Highy recommend !!!

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  5. Rebecca Chen

    I have been using MDSUN both Active and Revitalizing Cleanser for 3 years now.This product is very refreshing and easy to cleanI. Not tight after washing. like it very much

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  6. Kimmy

    Enjoy using active cleanser to remove my cosmetic and cleanse my face. Love that one cleanser with multiple functions. I also use other misunderstood products like the toner, soothener, wrinkle smoothener and masks. These products work very well on my skin. I can feel and see the difference.

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